Photograph: Merano Wine Festival

Merano Wine Festival

Held in the palatial rooms of the Kurhaus, the Merano Wine Festival has been dubbed the world's most exclusive wine-event — a celebration and a showcase of the finest Italian and international wines as well as some of the region's finest haute cuisine. The festival is the result of the tireless work of nine tasting committees, which in the proceeding months have been hard at work selecting the finest wines from over 300 Italian wineries as well as more than 120 international winemakers. Visitors get the opportunity to sample the featured vintages along with a selection of organic and biodynamic wines. To mix things up a little take a check out Beer Passion, dedicated to the flavours of traditional beers.
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Merano Wine Festival on the Map

Kurhaus, Via Bernhard-Johannes-Str. 9, I-39012 Merano, (northwest of Venice in the South Tyrol)