Sites Doing it Right

Below are a hand-selected range of quality festival and travel-related online offerings from some of Jet Black Yak's preferred partners and sites we think are doing a pretty spot-on job.


Whether guests stay underground, inside an igloo, up a tree or even underwater, Unusual Hotels of the World is the online location to book rooms at unusual and unique properties.
Unusual Hotels of the World

Online Guides

For as long as anyone at Jet Black Yak can remember, Chiff has been doing its thing linking through to detailed information presented by experts in their field. No paid for results, no search engine optimisation, just great information and simple human edited links through to authoritative sites on any number of subjects. We think they're great!

Travel Blogs

Just One Way Ticket follows the fascinating travels of Sabrina as she traverses the world sharing her experiences and the things she loves through her catchy prose, wonderful photography and awesome videos.
Just One Way Ticket
Retire Early and Travel joins American expats in Ecuador, Keith and Tina as they share their experiences living abroad and travelling extensively. Their blog offers up a captivating insight into how you too can make early retirement a reality and combine it with a passion for world travel.
Retire Early and Travel

Travel and Food Blogs

Will Fly For Food takes a window-seat with JB and Renée, the Traveleaters, as they take in destinations around the world, sample the finest local fare and present it in spectacular fashion on their hugely popular blog.
Will Fly For Food

Travel Communities

Travellerspoint is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities. It's wonderfully uncluttered and a mine of fantastic on-the-ground travel information. If you're thinking about travelling any time soon, Travellerspoint should be where your journey preparation begins.